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Rael Motori Elettrici srl has been a benchmark for design and construction of explosion proof electric motors for potentially explosive atmospheres..

A successful business story, characterized by continuous investments in technical knowledge, equipment and personnel who have contributed in establishing Rael on international level.

It is continuous world market research in its constant evolution of the product that combines high quality and extreme competitiveness that made it possible for Rael to grow basing on values such as diligence , work enthusiasm and sacrifice . We continue to face challenges with unaltered enthusiasm preserving the same values that have accompanied us from the very origin.



RAEL 02 FOC 0039a
RAEL 18 FOC 0094
RAEL 22 FOC 0107
RAEL 28 FOC 0118
RAEL 37 FOC 0145
RAEL 49 FOC 0179
RAEL 53 FOC 0184
RAEL 75 FOC 0226

RAEL Motori Elettrici S.r.l.

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